Review: Rain Saga

Rain Saga - Riley Barton

I received this book to give an honest review.

WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS.................

What really pulled me to want to read this book was the paperback cover and the blurb. I just knew it had to be good the world being changed and people living in a shielded city. It calls for a good story and this was even with a few things that I had questions about. I liked Luna as a character and her drive to find a cure for the Blister Wart disease that she has along with others. I liked how there was a bit of action so it wasn't just like ehh here is a bad guy trying to take over the world with no repercussions. 

I thought it was neat that the AI's had a bit of humor within them when they spoke with people or I should say the people that they did talk with. It seemed that there wasn't a lot of people around in this city. We never came across any other scientists unless the scientists all work by themselves. It seems we only came into contact with agents and Bridget who is Luna's friend. Which I found to be weird they are friends because don't friends tell other friends things. Like when they have the Blister Wart disease.

I felt that the author could have done more background on how the world was changed. I felt that we readers never got that full description as to why exactly the world went the way it did.  Mark is a character that comes into play and his backstory didn't click with me. We learn who is father is but what made Mark go out into the swamps? It doesn't seem like a good place to live so why would he be there and not within the city?

What exactly was the point of the Cathedral? 

Who was in the pockets of the CEO Edgar we learn later on who he truly is but it seems his pockets run deep though we never learn who is all in bed with him. 

One thing I would suggest that the author think of for in the future is over telling us what Luna is doing the whole time. She went into the elevator, she walked to her BMW and looked for her key. She found it in her pocket and started her car, she connected her earpiece to the car and so forth. I felt we didn't need to be told every detail of what she was doing. 

There are things within this story that I felt could have been elaborated more on than what was given.