Children's Review: Grim Tales: The Curse of the Doubloons

The Curse of the Doubloons - Linda DeMeulemeester

So I saw this book in the amazon store and figured that K might like it. It took us a while to get to reading it but we both enjoyed the story. The feeling I got with this book is that it does need to be read after maybe reading the first book as in some scenes it brings up Cat having green hair and that it was done by faeries and just the way they seemed a bit more calmer with dealing with the Otherworld. In this story Cat, sister and classmates are on a field trip in New Orleans and I love reading about New Orleans it is just full of that magic and voodoo. Well Cat is really wanting to go on the swamp tour but she gets stuck doing the museum where everyone there gets to pick a card that gives them information. Little do they know what is said about the card will come true as the story plays out.
When they end up on a ghost ship with The Mystic Crew everything is now a bit scary as the pirates want them but the kids don't want to be part of the crew well except one person. We follow them as they try to get away from the crew and back to their teacher Mr. Morrows but will they make it or forever be stuck in the Otherworld?
There was one scene within the book that K and I had a huge laugh on and that is when Cat tricks Jean Lafiette.
I think that kids that enjoy reading about the paranormal but nothing that is too scary should pick up this book. I know K and I will be looking into the rest of the books so we can understand how Cat and her sister know about the Otherworld and the creatures.