Review: One More Word

With One Word - Olivia Blake

I received this book to give an honest review.


First off I don't really judge a book by the cover but after reading this book I would have to say the guy on the cover of this book is not what I expected Grant to look like lol.

We go back and forth between Holly's P.O.V and Grant's P.O.V. which the author did an amazing job on. I felt for Holly and her sister Willow on so many levels. I mean her mother went down hill after their father left and the life that Holly and Willow had to endure was just heartbreaking. Her mother doesn't deserve the title mom at all. I wanted to reach through the kindle and smack her around a few times. 

Grant is an older man in his forties while Holly is in her twenties so I can see the hesitation for Grant to not only fall for a young woman but to also fall for his daughter's best friend. Kind of awkward there in general but it ends up all working out. 

Holly as a character was really good, I loved how she had wanted to put her life on hold just so she could make sure her sister finished school and went to college. I mean the girl would put herself in harms way just to save her sister and that is just awesome. 

As the story progresses we see how Holly is treated within the town and when she starts really noticing Grant she fights her feelings for him for a long time and questions herself. She doesn't want to give him the reputation she and her sister have but he doesn't care about that. He loves Holly for Holly. The sweet girl who has her goal in sight to get herself and her sister out but at the end can she truly leave Grant? 

This book is literally filled with anger, love, and so much more. The author did an amazing job with the characters and the story. 

The only one small issue I had though nothing to lose a rating over is the fact that Grant mentions that Holly isn't as pretty as her sister Willow. For me that felt like a knife in the gut for him to even think that when he is in love with Holly.