Children's Review: The Adventures of Reece and Rusty (The Fish Wish)

The Adventures of Reece & Rusty - Franfou, Paul S. George

We received this book to give an honest review.

K seemed to have really enjoyed this book, and has asked me to find out if there is book two where we find out if Rusty turns back into what he was. 

Reece is a young boy who really wants a pet so his parents give him a fish to take care of. If he can take care of this fish then he might get a bigger pet later on. Which I have to say I love that idea it is something that I have mentioned to my children as well. 

When Reece's mother picks up some random things from a garage sale no one thinks anything different especially a treasure chest that Rusty would love in his bowl as he doesn't seem like a happy pet. Though when Rusty goes missing Reece is very sad only to come home and find something waiting on him. What exactly is it? Will his parents let him keep this new addition? Who knows?

K and I both loved the pictures within the book they were very bright and colorful and went wonderful with the story being told. 

Now the sentences on the pages are a bit long so I would think this book will be good for those around say 6 or 7 on up. 


Questions and Answers with K


1. Did you like the book?

"Yes I did, will the author make another book so we can find out more about Rusty?"


2. What are your thoughts on this book?

"I thought it was cool especially when Rusty has two different color eyes.  I really like how a wish can come true."


3. Would your friends read this book?

"They may I don't know."