Review: Onyx Webb (Book three) episodes 7-8-9

Onyx Webb: Book Three: Episodes 7, 8, 9 by Richard Fenton (2015-10-22) - Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

I received this book to give an honest review. 


I have to say with these books I love how the authors have them broken up into episodes. With the way each book ends you are left with a mild cliffhanger but nothing too major. If that makes sense. We get to find out how Onyx Webb became a ghost and it is a bit sad she had to go out the way she did. Though before she died we learn that she was going to be tried for murder and it seems that the D.A. stills wants to file charges though Onyx is no longer among the living. 

Koda is still dealing with the death of his friend and seeing ghosts still, along with finding out that his grandfather Declan use to be one of the children in the orphanages. He also can not forget the girl in the mirror. Though what will happen when he finds out who she is? 

We get to learn a bit about how Declan became the man he is today. For me it was kind of a surprise. With his story we also get to meet Mary Ann and I felt a bit bad to what she had to resort to so she could make ends meet. 

We also see how Nathaniel and Olympia are struggling with their show and who is this stick boy that comes into play? What kind of ghost is he if he is even considered a ghost. Who knows? 

You know the authors have done a wonderful job with how they just not only pull you into the story, but also with the characters. They do a great job with having them come into play at just the right moment. Everyone is linked in some way but we never fully know how. So much goes on within the book but it works just perfectly. Can't wait to finish up the series to see what else is going to come about.