Review: Invidious Betrayal

Invidious Betrayal - Daniel Swain III, Shea Swain

 I received this book to give an honest review.

Let me start off saying this in case you did not read the blurb and see the part where the author mentions that this books contains scenes of graphic violence. There is rape within this book and that could be a trigger for some people so reader please beware.


On to the review.

Wow is what I can say to this book, I didn't expect it to go the way I thought it did which was a good thing.

Aria can not wait until she turns eighteen. As she is going to party like a normal person and not under the eye of her father who is a sheriff. I do have to say I liked her dad and how he was very protective of her and we see how just because you try to protect your child doesn't mean they can not be in trouble. This is the case with Aria she goes out to celebrate her birthday but what ends up happening to her is something no one wants to imagine. 

What happened to her Aria is only the beginning it seems that the folks who wanted to hurt her have plans for a man named Ian Howl. The way Ian and Aria ends up you just want to hate Ian until the truth comes to light and it seems that Ian is just the big pawn in this web of lies and blackmail. 


Aria is a strong woman somehow she not only dealt with being assaulted but she dealt with intruders coming into her home and fighting to live. While fighting the feelings she has for Ian it just seems that it will bring her closer to him especially since Ian has made it his mission to always protect Aria from those who still hunt her. 

Ian wow what do you say about him. At first you want to throat punch him but when he learns that Aria wasn't a prostitute like he thought you can tell he comes to care for her. It seems that Ian will stop at nothing to protect Aria even if that means putting himself in danger. While being with Aria Ian unlocks what his family has been hiding from him and boy is that a big WOW factor. 


I loved this book and its darkness. I loved seeing Aria not lose herself completely and finding love. I also enjoyed how she has this strength about her it was refreshing to see. 

If you enjoy action, drama, suspense, some paranormal powers. Then pick this book up. I don't think you would be disappointed.