NetGalley Review: Strange Things Done by Elle Wild

Strange Things Done - Elle Wild

I received this book to give an honest review. Now even though I enjoyed this book I just could not connect with Jo in any way. So this dropped it down to a 4 rating for me. The fact that she didn't push to find out what happened the night she got into the vehicle with Christopher. This story takes place in Dawson City up in the Yukon which I thought was very neat as I have been watching a TV show that has some people living in the Yukon. Jo is a journalist who thought moving away from the city would be good for her as what happened to her living in the city she can never live down. Though what she doesn't sign up for is when the killing starts. Everyone is convinced that it is all a suicide but Jo believes it to be something else. Will the killer if there is one be locked in with everyone when the town is closed off from everyone that is the question that will be asked. Jo will make it her mission to warn the town as she doesn't want to have to relive the past. We see how Jo tries to piece together the night she can not remember along with trying to solve the murder of a town resident though it is being thought of as just a suicide. Along with going on this detective work with her roommate Sally (who by the way I just didn't know what was wrong with her she seems all sorts of crazy), she is fighting her feelings with Christopher who it seems the town knows all too well, if you get my drift. I have to say I loved how the author really did the setting of this small town and really brought home just how secluded it would be when the winter came. The characters were okay the ones that I wanted more of a backstory on were Sally and Frank. They have a bit of mystery surrounding them that I wanted more of. The fact that we didn't know who dun it until towards the end was good, I hate knowing who is causing all the mayhem early on and I have to say it was a bit of a surprise that it was this person. I kept pegging on who it was via what Jo was thinking. It is a good mystery with a bit of small town drama all wrapped up into one. Check this book out for yourself and see if you enjoyed it.