Review: The Charm

The Charm (The Code of Minds Book 1) - Jojo Debrazza

I received this book to give an honest review.

This book is good for the teens. There is no graphic violence or language.
Now the only reason I gave this book 4 stars is because I wanted more background on why the Restorative government was becoming to strict with its citizens and how Brain Lord came about. I felt that we as the readers were thrown into this story of Luca practicing with his charm and then all of a sudden his mom was thrown into prison to "help" the government. But why did they just get Luca's mom and not someone else?
Then we are introduced to Fee who is the daughter of his father's friend whom they stay with while his mom is in jail. We learn that she is a hacker and is a part of the rebels that do not like what the Restorative government is doing.
We are left with wondering what is going to happen now when the person the government is looking for just falls into their lap.
As far as characters go I felt they were well written and I am glad Luca didn't go head on into Fee's plan. He thought it out which most fifteen year old's would not have done.
Plot it was good but I do felt it was rushed as I mentioned earlier we don't get much background on the government, or if it is just Charmers that live among humans or are there other people who have powers. Though overall a good book one that I would let my 10 year old read if he wanted to. It was just the right amount of action that was not overly done.
This is a good introduction to maybe a good series.