Review: Bigfoot Trails

Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest - Catherine Straus, James S. Jeffers

We received this book to give an honest review.


This is a pretty decent book. It is like a finding Waldo only to K and I a bit harder. We had some problems finding Bigfoot and K was getting frustrated because he couldn't see it on some pages. I am thinking that for us on kindle wasn't good. So we are going to try on the computer. 

We did have fun getting to the end and seeing that there are more things you could look for so K liked that. 

On each page you get a sentence or two helping you on where to look to find the hidden Bigfoot but can YOU find him? There is a reason his is elusive....but try real hard and you might. The illustrations were good and went well with what you might imagine the Pacific Northwest to look like. 

If you like hidden picture books I say check this book out. 


Questions and Answers with K


1. What did you think about this book?

"It was okay I like Bigfoot but it was hard to find him on the pages."


2. Did you like having to hunt for him?

"Yeah, but I couldn't see him."


3. Would you recommend this book to your friends?

"I don't know if they like Bigfoot but I can ask."