#PBwkendread Review: A Firefighter's Flame

A Firefighter's Flame - Dani Hart

So I won this book in a giveaway and this is my honest opinion on the book.


Man oh man we are thrown into the world of Lennox. She is a mom of two kids and married to the love of her life Dean, but it seems that at the moment of this story she is wondering what her life would have been like if she wasn't with Dean. She starts reminiscing and it seems that all it does for her is bring her into a depression mood. 

One weekend changed everything for her and she has to let her husband know but how will she? 

We go between the past, present, and this weekend trip and it all collides with an ending I didn't see coming. I literally was in tears towards the end. 

Lennox has been with Dean since pretty much high school, it was like they were meant to be together. They are true loves or are they? I have to say what bothered me a bit was the fact that Dean was Lennox's first but I felt the author left that out of the book as far as how it went down. Was it awkward? Did Lennox tell her best friend? Something that big should have been given more thought and detail rather than just a few words saying she lost the V card with Dean.

On the split that her and Dean have Lennox starts falling for one of his friends who acts on impulse and then breaks her heart and Lennox is broken at that part. First from Dean and now from this guy. Will she ever find happiness? Especially since he won't tell her why he just disappeared in the middle of the night. 

When she goes to celebrate her best friend getting married she runs into the same guy who broke her heart but will she like the answer he gives her when she confronts him?

We see how Lennox fights with the feelings she had for him while trying to figure out a way to tell Dean because as you know there are no secrets in marriages. 

Will Lennox finally get her happy ending or will she be heartbroken for a lifetime? 

Now this is a romance book but there wasn't much romance. The only thing that really stood out as far as scenes was in the bathroom shower. That is it literally. 

This was a good read for me and I enjoyed it. I thought the author did a good job with going back and forth between the different timelines, I didn't feel lost at all. As far as characters went I like Lennox though I felt she needed to find herself more than finding love. Her best friend I am not quite sure on her exactly. She wanted me to smack her at times but then at others I was okay with her. 

 There is a quote well more like a few sentences within the book that I loved and what to share it with you guys. 

Page 105 "Someone once told me that the choice to have kids was the most selfish act of humankind, but having kids was the most selfless. I didn't get it then, but I did now. We had kids to fulfill some inner desire to procreate versions of ourselves and to experience that unique joy that life could afford us. A selfish act for us, but then having kids shifts that mindset. You no longer live to please yourself, but to please them. You live for them. The most selfish act of your life changes into the most selfless, so here I was trying to be selfless."