Review: My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish - Mo O'Hara

K completed a reading log from Barnes and Noble and got to pick a free book. This is what he had picked. Now at first glance I saw nothing wrong with this book but as we started reading a few chapters a night I noticed that there was an over use of the word moron. Now most people would be like that is okay but for me I didn't like it. 

If you believe this book to be about a zombie fish that eats brains this is not it. This fish eats moldy green items so if you have moldy bread or moldy oranges then give it to Frankie. 

K really like the idea of how Frankie the goldfish became a zombie and he really laughed when people started using the goldfish zombie stare. We had fun trying to do it when it was mentioned. 

Mark is Tom's older brother and he is evil so it doesn't help matters when he becomes an evil scientist and he tries to harm a goldfish. That is when Tom and Pradeep come into the play to save Frankie but what did they create when they saved him?

It seems that now Frankie wants to revenge but so does Mark who will end up winning so to speak?

Mark and his friend have plans to rule the world with Frankie's non help but will they succeed in their take over? 

K thought it was really funny how in the school Frankie was going down the drains and jumping from sink to sink to avoid being captured so I was glad he got a giggle out of that.

The sibling rivalry was a bit more than I expected it to be, it went from tying up to covering with tape. It felt a bit too much at times. So I think this would maybe be better for the older teens to read rather than a ten year old. 

Now there are two books within it. We start off with learning how Frankie came to be and how Tom and Pradeep and Pradeep's sister all join in to help save him. Then we move on to the next part which is when Frankie joins Tom at school and that starts off a whole other adventure. 

We may read the next book in the series just to see what else can happen I just hope that the word moron is not overly used again.