Review: Dark Light Anthology

Dark Light - Jenny  Phillips, Lisa  Goldman, Linna Drehmel, L.D. Ricard, Jana Boskey, Char Hardin, Megan J. Parker, Alicia Cannon, K.R. Jordan, Naomi Bonthrone, Stefan Ellery, Rebecca Gober, Dominique Goodall, Andrew Katz, S.J. Thomas, Amanda R. Browning, William  Greer, Ruth  Barrett

I received this book to give an honest review.

So some anthologies just don't have that ahh man that was freaking awesome when you read them. Some of them are just okay and decent to read. This one I felt was different and stood out to me. I guess because I like reading dark things this one called out to me and I had nothing but enjoyment from it.
Each story was different but unique in its own way. I can not just throw a title out there and say this is my favorite one because they were all my favorite. I truly loved the dark sides of the authors and how well the stories all went together. I felt with this anthology that each story was completed, by that I mean have you ever read a short story and finished it going is that it? Or wondered why there wasn't more to the story than what you read? Well in this book to me it was not like that.
We get stories about werewolves, fairies, spiders (which this one freaked me out a bit), fantasy, ghosts and the list could go on.
If you are looking for something to give you the chills when reading something from different authors you may have never heard about before (cough, cough, like myself) then pick this book up. I think you would enjoy it.

The only thing that bothered me with the book is the listing of authors. What shows up in the contents page of the ebook I have are some different authors. There are a few that are showing up here that were not in the book.