Children' Review: I Have Faith

I Have Faith - Davin Whitehurst, Tiffany Brown

We received this book to give an honest review.


K has been starting to go to Church and learn a lot more about God. So I thought this book would be a good one to read together and to help him understand faith. 

I think this book teaches a good lesson on what faith is exactly and with the bible verses along with little discussion questions in the back it makes for a good family read. 


Danny learns how to put faith in something and the result is amazing especially when he gets told it won't happen. You see Danny wants a puppy though his parents do not want him to have one because it is a big responsibility. He keeps praying and putting faith in that he will get a dog when the most amazing thing happens. You see he never lost faith and ended up getting what he prayed and wanted for. 


Now as big as I am on learning about faith I felt that the author could have added some other things in such as you may not always get what you want. What I mean by that is the fact of Danny wanting a dog and he put the faith in God that he would get one and did, but what happened if his parents had still said no? Would Danny have still had faith that he would get it? To me I believe that when we pray or ask the Lord for something no matter how big or small we may not get the answer or gift of what we want and I think this book didn't portray that. 


Other than that it was a good read that I enjoyed reading with K. This maybe a book we go back to later on to re-read again.