Review: Dark Light Anthology Book Two

[ { DARK LIGHT BOOK TWO } ] by Authors, Various (AUTHOR) Apr-11-2013 [ Paperback ] - Various Authors

 I received this book to give an honest review.


So I really enjoyed book one but with this one it fell short for me. Out of all the short stories the only ones I liked were, 

Duck by H.G. Bleackley which is about a young girl whose mother is not really her mother it seems she could be a shape shifter. 

Lady of the Boat by Monique Diplock we are introduced to Lady Bronte who is a vampire on a ship let's leave that there.

Door to Door by Lori King this one was pretty crazy as there is a house that is believed to be haunted and what is a delivery van doing there with meat?

Angels in Blue Black Skies by Blaise Torrance this is where you kind of wonder about kids and the powers they have. It seems that these kids are here to change the world but exactly how will they do that?

A Full Wolf Moon- Retribution by L.D. Ricard I liked where this story was going but I wanted more back story as to what exactly was hunting this group. How did this person turn into this creature exactly? 

I wish I could pinpoint what exactly did not work for me with this book but I can not. Maybe it wasn't creepy or scary enough like the first one who knows. I did see there were authors I have never heard before so I will look into their work to see if I might enjoy them. 

If you enjoy short stories that are not quite scary then give this book a read you never know you may enjoy it more than I did.