#PBwkendread Review: Scariest Stories Ever Told

Scariest Stories Ever Told - Roberta Simpson Brown

I received an ARC copy of this book to give an honest review.


I wanted to read this book first to myself instead of to my 10 year old as I wanted to make sure the stories were not that scary for him. With that being said I have to say this is something I think he would really enjoy. I didn't feel them to be too scary just enjoyable. 

Each of the short stories are different and creepy. If as an adult you are wanting something that will make you leave the light on this would not be for you. I think the target audience would be more of the pre-teens on up. I believe this book would be good to read around Halloween just because ghost and creepy things are meant to be read around that time. 

I tried to find which story I really liked but I couldn't though I think one of the stories that stayed with me is called The Bookworm. This was one I was not expecting to go the way it did it was just oh man you know that will creep some kids out. If you are like me you like to introduce your kids into things slowly and this is one book that I would introduced my 10 year old into the whole scary/creepy genre.