#Pbwkendread Review: Night Road

Night Road - Kristin Hannah

I bought this book for like .25 at my public library and it has been sitting on my shelf just waiting for me to read it. I am now kicking myself for not reading it sooner. This book has so much gosh darn feels to it I literally cried in certain parts.
When three friends make a bad decision it affects everyone in some way. When a little girl is caught in the cross hairs of it all just because a grandmother can not overcome her grief it breaks your heart. Though with this book you just wait for it all to come together and you hope for an amazing outcome.
When I started reading the book the first thing that came to my mind was someone is going to get pregnant the mom is not going to like it as it will ruin college plans but yet that wasn't what ruined anything it was a night that a bad decision was made. It tore everyone that knew the person apart and when we get towards the end we see them come together though it is not an easy road. We see how Jude the mother who was amazing but overprotective beat herself up. Which as parents you know that is something we would do, we do it now when something happens to our children. We ask ourselves what if we did something different maybe that would change the outcome. We see how a family grows apart but yet comes together. We see how a young teenager/woman knows right from wrong and is willing to put a sword through her heart to do what is right, even if that means hurting herself in the process. Though we see that what hurts the most is when she sees her daughter Grace who she wanted to keep away because she didn't want her to know she was in prison being unhappy. It reminds her of herself growing up and that breaks her heart into a million pieces.
There was so much in this book that once I started I couldn't put it down. The characters were beyond incredible, you felt what they felt. The plot was amazing, and I think the author did a wonderful job with how life was before the accident, to during the accident and even afterwards. Nothing was drawn or left out. It went together perfectly. I know I probably shouldn't read this book again as it made me cry especially when it came to Grace the little girl. You can tell her daddy and grandpa loved her but it broke my heart when her grandmother couldn't love her completely. Though I see myself reading it again just because. I highly recommend this book. Especially so for teens as they can see what happens when alcohol is involved and you don't make the right decision. I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars because it totally deserves it.