ARC Review: Season of Decay

Season Of Decay (The Decaying World Saga Book 2) - Michael W. Garza

I received an ARC to give my honest opinion.


We pick up where book one left off. With this one I have to say it seems that now Mia has a lot on her plate now. After those that have been rescued she along with the other tribe members have to keep everyone alive and especially with the horde of zombies and infected headed their way. Mia is completely just exhausted with it all. 

She is fighting feelings for both Asher and Rowan but you know in the back of your head you can't help but want her to be with Rowan though at the end of the story you wonder if that can even happen after what happens when he goes to find the nexus.

 There is plenty of action all through out the story. Even a character we might not have thought to come back into play does and he is way different. This is someone I don't think we want out and about with the zombies. Though I want to know his end game with it all. We see how Mia makes the decision to get her people all of them to a safe place but in the end will it really be safer? I really enjoyed the characters and how they never gave up even the young teens who named themselves the Knights of Rowan. They stood with Mia and wanted to protect her no matter where she went. 

As far as zombies go I have to say the way the author describes them and the infected is just gruesome cool. I really love how these zombies especially the infected are just not easy to fight it makes it more interesting especially when those fighting them don't always aim right for the head. 

I want to read the next book in this series. I want to know where it is going to go especially with the nexus, this hybrid zombie/infected, to even what is going to happen to Rowan.