Review: Dark Light Anthology book three

Dark Light Three - Anna Yeatts, Greg Quinion, J.R. Roper, Fred Waiss, Ryder Ataxia, Michael McGlasson, Erica Sim, Avalon Brantley, K.E. Robiscoe, Dene Bebbington, Sarah Jayne Carr, K.R. Helms, Zoe Adams, Jenna Pizzi, Justin Zipprich, Jonathan D. Nichols, W.B. Stickel, Shaun Meeks, S.J. McMil

I received this book to give an honest review.


First let me say I love the covers of these anthologies. The are just freaking awesomely wicked. Now I read book one and really enjoyed it, book two was an ehh for me. So I was really hoping book three would have for sure been something that I would enjoy. For me not all the stories held my interest but there was quite a few that stuck out for me. Which you know happen when you combine stories. There are also some you like and some you do not. 

Below are the stories that I enjoyed. 


1. Trapdoor by William Rasmussen this one deals with spiders so it gave me that eww creepy feeling. 

2.  The Squat by Dene Bebbington which gives you a whole other outlook on being a homeless person squatting somewhere. 


3. Cheating Death by S.J. McMillian not really creepy but it made for a good short story. You have a young woman who will stop at nothing to stop death from getting to her. Though what happens when she can't fool him completely. Those that come back for revenge it all comes together.


4. Switch by Fred Waiss, this one was truly just like a wow story. You have a man who has a switch flipped and he goes crazy. Just imagine you think everything is okay and all of a sudden out of no where this man which could be your husband, lover, brother, dad you know whatever bites you or hurts you. Then flips a switch and feels guilty for what he did because well he doesn't know why he did it. This story was almost like a Jekyll and Hyde.


5.  Enteric by W.B. Stickel this gives a whole new meaning to the word tapeworm. Man oh man I was not expecting this story to go the way it did. I just got images reading this that I was creep out by.


6. Possessing Bailey by Jenna Pizzi what happens when playing with dark magic comes back to haunt you in a way you never expected it to. Well a group of friends find out real quick what a demon or the devil might do.


7. 13 by K.R. Helms Halloween comes around but what hides under the mask? Sal and Benji find out when the enter what maybe considered a haunted house who is real and who is not.


I do love reading anthologies as I get to read author's work that I have never heard of before. In this book all of these authors are new to me so it was nice to see inside their mind. I can't wait to read book four to see how that one will go.