Contagious book one

Contagious - Emily Goodwin

I received this book to give an honest review.


This book was an enjoyment to read even though I found myself not really liking the doctor in this one or the way Orissa would act within some scenes.


We meet Orissa who unfortunately meets up with zombies and the crazies just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You see she went in to get a checkup after she had surgery only to find out the world changed so quickly. Herself along with a few others go to find her family and friends and it seems all along the way, they are encounter these zombies and crazies. There is plenty of action within the story as you all know that zombie killing is no easy task. When they end up meeting up with a group of survivors Orissa finds herself on the end of getting to do missions with other teammates especially those that won't shoot their foot off. I think for her this is a good thing as she is very active and can hold her own pretty much. In this compound of survivors each person has a job and her friends end up having their own jobs to do especially the doctor which is a really good thing, because he is set on now helping to find a cure with the other scientist that is there.  We see how Orissa seems to find her spot in this new world while fighting the feelings she has for her roommate. Where we leave off has me wondering what other humans are out there or is there something more. 

With Orissa I enjoyed how she took charge and didn't back down. That is always great with a heroine in the story especially when they think of others and not for themselves. 

Though I have to say the way the doctor acted at times he didn't seem like he was grown. He relied on Orissa way too much at times I felt. I understood that Orissa could kick butt but at the same time he is a grown man he should be able to hand his own doctor or no doctor. 

Let's move on to Orissa, this girl just found herself in way too many bad situations that I felt could have been avoided. I understand taking care of others and trying to survive but dang girl you might need to let others take the lead lol. 

Overall this was a good book and I plan on reading book two. I want to see where this is going to go. Will Orissa find a romance? Will someone die not by the hands of the zombies? Can there even be a cure? Who knows.