Review: Dark Light Four

Dark Light Book Four (Dark Light Series 4) - M Jet , K.C. Finn, Khelsey Jackson, Barbie Shannon, Zoe Adams, Leah D.W., Sabina Bundgaard, SJ Davis, J.R. Roper, Mariana Thorn, Andrea Staum, Sarah Jayne Carr

I received this book to give an honest review.


This was my favorite I am not sure what happened with book two and book three of dark light but book one and book four were by far the best for me. I didn't have just one story I liked in this book, I really enjoyed all of them. As I have mentioned before in the first book of Dark Light each story is very unique and I am sure that there is at least one story that you will enjoy even if you do not enjoy all of them. 

I felt that in this anthology I got to see new authors work as I have never heard of any of these authors before so it was awesome to be able to see within their mind the story that they can create for us all.

If you like anthologies with horror or scariness then pick this book up, I don't think you will be disappointed.