NetGalley Review: Born Mobster

Born Mobster - Paige Dearth
I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.
Man when I read this author's work I always go through a range of feelings. Her books are so darn raw I ask myself why put yourself though the torture of feelings? It always comes back to me as I love how the author captures so much within the story and that no matter what comes your way you will survive and come out stronger. 
We are introduced to Tony this poor guy has had a hard life. Now before I get to far into the book there is violence, rape, torture, and abuse if you have triggers just beware. We see how Tony deals with bullying at home to at school as well. No one seems to want to help him which is truly sad. It is literally heartbreaking to see a child go through so much within his life. His father can not seem to love him as a father should. Instead he is ashamed at him and constantly beating him and calling him names. His mother made me mad at how she handled it all. Though I knew she felt remorse I felt she could have done more.  The way Vincent and Tony became friends I was very surprised at. I guess it takes enough of someones crap to have a bully realize that the person you are bullying is not that bad of a person. 
As time goes on Tony grows up and experiences what happens in juvie, this changes him and yet he is never the same fully. Thank goodness his friends Sal and Vinny stand by him no matter what.  I really liked Tony as a character he never gave up on life no matter what was thrown his way, he always found a way to survive.  When he finally found happiness in the form of love I told myself this is what Tony needs, but yet life doesn't always allow that. Sometimes what is in your past comes back to haunt you and not in a good way. We see Tony move up from weak to strong, gangster to mobster and it is quite a journey for one man to take. 
One question I did have was what ever happened to Tony's sister Maci.