ARC Review: Broken Minds

Broken Minds - Galley Editing, Sarah Murphy, Nicki Rae

I received an ARC to give an honest review. Wow this was a very powerful story that goes between Keda and Trevor and what they went through captured and how they are dealing with life now. This story broke my heart because these two kids had things done to them that should have never happened but overtime we see how both attempt to cope. Keda deals with so much that she can't have a normal relationship and her heart will always belong to Trevor. We don't see how Trevor is until towards the end of the story and let me tell you my heart stopped for Keda and I said oh no. The ending is a surprise one that I won't say anything about. This is a must read for older folks. It is dark, but we know with dark comes light. The time frame was good and I didn't feel lost as we go from past to what led Keda being captured, to what is going on now within her life to the days leading up to the execution. It all flowed really well. I really like Keda as a character because she really seemed to want to get over what happened to her but we see it was a struggle. It was good seeing a character not always be so tough when thrown into a horrible situation. There was one part within the story that I really liked. " A park without children is a sad place of misplaced slides and lonely swings. When you walk up to an empty park, every swing, every set of monkey bars are staring at you, begging you to pick them and then grow sour as you walk to the swings. I'd guess the swings are the divas of the playground. No matter a person's age, they will always swing." I really enjoyed this author's writing story and how she can make me as a reader fall into her story and not put it down. I plan on keeping my eye on her.