Children's Review: The Defeat of Yamboo the Closet Monster

The Defeat of Yamboo, the Closet Monster: A Bedtime Story to Help Preschoolers Conquer Their Fear of the Dark (Kevin and Cornelius Book 1) - Alma J Wilson

We received this book to give an honest review.

So I thought this would be a good read with A as she is 4 years old. This did not go well for her, the monster Yamboo really scared her and she told me not to read it again. Even though we get Cornelius from the Realm of the Fairy Guards to help defeat Yamboo and send him away this was just not good for A. Now I read it to K who is 10 and he though Yamboo looked really cool with his red and black coloring and how he looked like a snake but also like a crocodile so I guess that is a plus for the older kid of mine. 

Kevin is a young boy who has an imagination something all of us has and his imagination comes to life at bedtime, where he thinks that there is a monster in his room. His mother of course doesn't see it but Kevin does.  With the help of Cornelius we see how Kevin defeats his fear of Yamboo and can get to bed peacefully. Do I think this book would be good for preschoolers? This would be something you would have to judge yourself. For me my preschooler though the Yamboo monster was scary but my son did not.  

Overall it was a decent read that if K would like we will read again.