Fright-Fall Review: Blood Will Tell

Blood Will Tell - April Henry

So I saw this book at my son's book fair. What called to me first was the cover and when I saw the author's name I was thinking no way that is the same author I read another book by not too long ago. So I went to Goodreads and searched up and what do you know this is book two in Point Last Seen series!! I LOVED that book so I knew I had to own this one and I am so glad I did. I really enjoyed how amazing this book was for me. Yes this is probably geared towards the teens but I love seeing how SAR works and does its job. Being a grown adult I want to go and volunteer myself. Another thing I enjoy with this book is the fact that the chapters are short so if I had to put it down I wasn't in the middle of a chapter. With Blood Will Tell I literally read it within a day I was DEVOURING the story and the characters. We start off with a missing girl and that is where I thought our story would take place no it doesn't. Not too far where Nick lives one of the teens that is part of the SAR's program a girl is murdered. We see how Nick handles being a suspect when he knows for certain he didn't do it. He will also get answers to something in his past. This was a shocker for me. With the help of Alexis and Ruby they are determined to help Nick clear his name but if it isn't Nick who can it be? Because we all know DNA doesn't lie..... As far as character's go I liked all of them and especially how well informed Ruby is on the police matters. Alexis has a big heart and with her taking care of her mother and trying to build her own self up is amazing. Nick I am not too sure on him I really like him but goodness boy quite getting so sick lol. I think this is going to be a great series and I am excited to see where it goes and how far.