NetGalley Review: Rise of the Chosen

Rise of the Chosen - Anna Kopp

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


At first I was weary on reading this story. Just because I wasn't sure really what the book was going to be about truly. You see this book isn't truly about zombies though it would seem like it. It is about the Chosen and the Woken and those that protect those that are living. When we start off the book there is the details between The Chosen, The Woken, The Watch, The Freedom Association and The Human Association. 

Then we get into the story.  We are introduced to Sam who is a human but wants to follow in her father's footsteps. She gets her first encounter with a woken which by the way do not eat brains they just kill because that is what they do.  We learn that there is a war that will be happening between the chosen and the woken and Sam will be caught in the middle. Though is that a good thing or bad? 

Now you may be asking how do you become a chosen well that is if you have lifeblood in you and if you do then when you wake up you are chosen to live without the blood lust like the woken. As a chosen you will work beside the humans going in first when need be to kill the woken that have woken up with the need to kill. 

For me this was a different kind of look on the apocalypse stories that are out there. There is a bit of action but nothing that I felt was too much or too gory. I am a bit intrigued as to what is going to happen now especially when we learn that Sam is very special. As we progress in the story we see that Sam is in love with Lena but when Lena comes back it seems that some people are concerned about her. That has me wondering is Lena going to become a woken that Sam will have to put down? Or will Lena and Sam be together and fight for the proper side of things. Where the ending left off I will be reading book two to see what happens next.