Fright-Fall Review: Contaminated

Contaminated - Em Garner

So I bought this book at the book fair. What called to me was the title of the book. I bought it and came home and started looking at reviews because I have never heard of this author before. There were a ton of 1-3 stars given to the book on Goodreads. I wanted to return this book because for it to have that bad of reviews it couldn't be good, could it? I have never returned a book before so I felt bad well I am glad I didn't. For me it was a pretty decent read. No it does not deal with zombies even though the people that are affected by this drink called ThinPro go crazy they don't start eating brains or anything they are just more violent. 

We follow along with Velvet and how she struggles at 17 to take care of her younger sister, go to school and work while still trying to find her mom who was a victim of this ThinPro epidemic. We learn a bit on how the ones that were affected by are captured and taken to be "studied." Now when Velvet finds her mother I kept thinking man something drastic is going to happen and it did but not in a bad way. I was surprised at the twist that came or at least to me it was a twist. 

I am wondering now what is going to happen with the military because it seems that people are turning into these violent people even if they have not drank any ThinPro. It has to be something either in the water or food but what could it be? I do think I will read book two as I want to see what else is going to happen.

I really enjoyed this world of Velvet's because it isn't a normal zombie story to me. It is pretty easy to read and it is really not graphic.