NetGalley Review: The Pick, The Spade and The Crow

The Pick, The Spade and The Crow (The National Crime Agency Series) - Bill Rogers

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


I enjoy reading murder mysteries especially from new authors. In this story we are introduced to Joanne who goes by Jo. She has been promoted to a behavioral science unit where she gets her first case pretty quickly as there are just a few clues. Jo is a very hard worker and she leaves no stones unturned, even though she doesn't want to step on anyone's toes. While trying to solve this cold case along with another case that ends up coming her way she is trying to start a family with her partner. Though it seems that she gets a bit caught up in her work that her partner isn't too happy about. 

We see how Jo slowly starts to put the pieces together and the clues that are left behind seems to be from the Free Masons but it is them or someone else? 

I can honestly say I didn't have a clue who the killer was even though we are introduced to this person it just flew right over my head. 

Jo for me was a good character though she seemed a bit mysterious in some ways. I did like the characters that she worked with as they seemed to have a sense of humor and welcomed Jo in right away without any hostility. Now her boss that she answers too he is for sure a bit more mysterious for that I can not pinpoint what it is about him but there is something there I believe. Maybe in another story we will get some information if there is any there to give.  

I enjoyed the British setting that this took place in I could imagine the woods and the city how it was described. If you like British police procedures then give this book a try.