NetGalley Review: Moment of Impact

Moment of Impact - Rene D. Schultz

I received this book via NetGalley and the author to give an honest review.


You know right from the start I was into the book though I kept wondering what is this moment of impact? We enter the lives of seven people who have never met each other before but yet all their lives will entwine on one fateful day. 

This book to me felt like a destiny book, by that I mean it was destiny for them to be in that place at that time because things for them come to light. We have a husband who will lose it all. a young woman who will find a long lost relative, a man who will lose the love of his life (let me tell you now the whole scene with the hospital and the church had me bawling).  A mother who is in a depression but still fights on for her children, a young man who cares for his mother so much that he will do an unthinkable crime. A father who is famous but maybe not for long, last but not least a man who will feel the world and the sorrow on his shoulders. 

Each of these people will have have a new life because of this incident and it was amazing to see how they each adapted to their new life that they were given.

I really liked all the characters but I think the one I felt the most for minus Harper's story was Enrique. You could just feel the way he felt within the story and I wanted to just hug him through the pages and tell him it is okay. You don't have to have this burden anymore. 

 I will tell you this though please make sure when you start a new chapter you actually pay attention as a new chapter is a new character. 

Overall this book was a good one for me I truly enjoyed how we not only got the background of the characters but it was all woven together wonderfully.