Review: Descent Book 5

Descent (Gryphon Series Book 5) - Stacey Rourke

Wowzers!!! We are back again with Celeste and her crew. Now let me say I love this cover it stands out a lot more. In this story we are seeing Celeste as just a normal woman who is in college but this time she is in college with Rowan or favorite pirate!!!! Everyone has had their memory wiped so Celeste doesn't remember that she is The Conduit and Rowan seems to be okay with that even though he knows it is wrong. A pirate with a conscience what is up with that. As much as we see that Rowan wants to protect her it seems that there is something evil at play and it is up to Rowan to stop it. For his sacrifice he actually won my heart I just hope that the dark side doesn't pull to him too bad. He also runs into our Irish-man and we get to see how that goes! Where this story left off you know that something has to come about with it all and we can just hope that Celeste will remember enough to want to fight back against the evil that lurks around before it is too late. There is so much to say but I feel I would give it all away as this novella is short. I can honestly say if you are looking for humor than look no further than Grams and the family, along with the small bit of action that comes along it makes for one heck of a ride. If you haven't read the first book I highly recommend you start the series there before jumping into book five as this can not be read as a stand alone.