Review: Hope: Stories From A Women's Refuge

Hope: Stories from a Women's Refuge - Rosie Larner, Rosy Stewart, Stuart Larner

I received this book to give an honest review. When I started reading it I figured the stories would be a bit darker but they really were not. This book is told through the eyes of Sue and what she has encountered with those that pass through her women's shelter. The one main story that we get more information about it is the story of Liz. She seemed to have played a big role with Sue as Sue is determined to bring Liz's husband to justice for what he did to her. We are told different women's story with in the book and what landed them into the woman's shelter. With the help of Sue's friend Nina she sometimes gets to get more information about certain people that will help her in turn help them. The only thing I didn't see very real is how Sue would handle situations where she had to engage those that had intend to harm others or how she would get her information. To me at times Sue seemed like a much older woman so some of the situations didn't seem like it fit her age. Though that is just me. For me to read what the characters had to endure is so sad but you know there is hope once they get out of that bad situation.