ARC Review: We're All Mad

We're All Mad (Otherworldly Propheices Book 3) - Victoria Tourtillott, David N. Wetzel

I received this book to give an honest review.


It took me a while to get back into this story of Convel and his friends. I would say this book needs to be read as soon as you read book two but that is just me. I don't think it would be good as a stand alone.

Convel has been pretty much keeping to himself and keeping busy with work especially since it has come out that there are shift shamans out among the humans.

With him working he has started noticing something out of the ordinary at times like a shadow but what the heck is it? He is going to have to enlist the help of his friends to find out what this shadow is.

While finding out answers he also has to come to terms with Natasha, you see he did something that she can not forgive him for and they haven't seen each other since that night. We see how Ashley tries to bring them both together even though I am sure Natasha wants to rip his throat out.

Now there was a scene within the story that I was very surprised at. It wasn't horrible or anything but it deals with Ashley and we get to see a bit of who she truly is and I liked it.

The humor Convel has in this story is just as awesome as his humor in the other books. He is such a smart aleck even in the worse of times.

Well Convel and the others be able to stop what evil has came upon them or will evil prevail this time? Also will Convel and Natasha put everything in the past behind them or still go at each others throats?