Children's Review: Discoveries In The Overworld

Discoveries in the Overworld: Lost Minecraft Journals, Book One (Lost Minecraft Journals Series) - Winter Morgan

So K is into Minecraft and when I saw this book I thought maybe he would enjoy this story. Now this story is not authorized or sponsored by Microsoft Corp and its affiliates as this is written on the back of the book. 

Three kids Harriet, Jack and Toby are treasure hunters which is pretty cool and they find this journal but unknown to them until they start reading it that something seemed to have happened to William and his friend Oliver. They are warned not to read this missing journal as bad things will happen but hey who ever listened to warnings. From the time they start reading it things start to happen. They fight skeletons among other things but it all seems to happen when they read something from that journal could it really be cursed? If it is why was it cursed and where is William at? Now the journal is William's account of what Oliver and him went through as explorers of the Overworld. At the end of the story someone is found but will that person have answers?

K really liked it as he knew some of the things that were in the book via the video game and he was very interested to see if William would be found or if the three friends would ever survive. We do plan on getting book two when it is available from the library. 

I do like the whole journal idea especially when we go from what is happening to the three friends to the entry of what William and Oliver are seeing and doing. It flows very nicely.