Review: Contagious Chaos book three

Contagious Chaos (The Contagium Series Book 3) (Volume 1) - Emily Goodwin

I received this book to give an honest review.

I have fell in love with Orissa this butt kicking zombie slayer and her beloved Hayden and their group.
It seems that you don't have to worry just about zombies but also those who are alive and breathing as well. We see how Orissa and her group encounter a new group of people who are not friendly and when Orissa is kidnapped all hell breaks loose.
We see what truly happens when you mess with the compound and the huge family it has become. You mess with one, you mess with all and that is no joke. We get to see just how smart Orissa is when it comes to situations and surviving this is one girl I want on my team.
Hayden actually gets a surprise with this one and I was very glad for him he needs some good in his life besides Orissa.
Now it seems that Orissa will find herself in a not so good situations with some bad folks and I felt for her but she is strong and we see this especially when she is put through the ringer. That is what I really enjoy with these zombie books. You have characters like her that are strong and not just some helpless person.
This group of survivors is more than zombie slayers they are a true family and I love it. I really love how they all can joke around but be serious when need be and take care of business.
At the end we are left with that lovely cliffhanger and I am going to be diving into book four to see what we can find out with Hayden and Orissa. It seems way to juicy to not be told.
This is an amazing zombie series that I think once you start you won't put down. There is romance, action, suspense on what will happen next, heartache. It blends well together to make a good story.