Review: Beckoning Darkness

Beckoning Darkness: A Supernatural Suspense Thriller (The Damned and The Pure Book 1) - J.D. Stonebridge

Do you like Angels and Demons? Do you like to read about Heaven and Hell and what they could have up their sleeve? Then this may be the book for you. We are introduced to Ariel who was an angel that had been locked up for reasons she can not remember. Though she has now been given an important job that she doesn't plan on failing. She wants the archangels to know she can do her job no matter how long she has been out of commission. 

Then enters in Caelum a demon who isn't like the other demons but yet a demon all the same. He has a memory problem like our angel Ariel, so when Hell ask him for his help in exchange for a journal that will help him possibly help him remember he jumps on it. Heaven and Hell are showing an interest in something going on that will involve both Caelum and Ariel but what could it be?  

We get to see some other supernatural creatures though they only play the fighting part of things. I am interested to see where it all goes with Heaven and Hell the plans they have. It seems that Ariel is playing a big part but I am not sure why yet. We have a bit of action, a bit of memory loss that is a mystery, and good characters. 

I am interested to see what Raphel the archangel has going on as he doesn't seem like he is good. Or at least that was my impression on him.

For me the book is not fast paced until we get to the church/fighting scene. Overall a good book.