Review: The Truth is Contagious (book 4)

The Truth is Contagious (The Contagium Series) - Emily Goodwin

Will possibly contain spoilers.

So I am so excited but sad to be done with this series. It has been a journey that I have found myself loving. The characters are just amazing in their own way. I had a few things that bothered me so I had to drop by rating down to a four and not a five like I hoped to rate it.

We left off in book three we learned that Fuller knew what caused this virus  and though he kept it quiet on his departure he decided to tell Hayden so Hayden wouldn't be kept in the dark. This doesn't sit well with Orissa of course. 

This group of survivors will know what it is made of and will do anything in their power to make sure their compound of families will be taken care of. 

Orissa will find herself back with a family member but we all know that with happiness will come heartache and of course a member of the team will be gone from them. This is where we see Orissa finally start breaking down and she is a strong minded person!!

When Hayden and Orissa decide to meet the person they are told is alive and the cause of this it is a journey one they won't forget! 

Now the scene that goes down when these two get to their destination I felt it needed more to it. 

Though I can say the ending was my favorite part of this book, because it shows that no matter what is thrown your way if you are strong enough to survive and you have hope then everything will soon work out. I love how there is so much action within the book, there is never a dull moment.


Now what I had some issues with. Jason there is a scene with Jason and he is brought back to the compound. There is never any mention of him again. 

Second, what did they actually give Jason for him to act like that exactly? Orissa had an idea but she wasn't too sure.

Three when the people were actually locked in the room how did the h.h.i.c. (head honcho in charge) know what everyone had planned? That made no sense to me. 

Four once Orissa and Hayden did what they set out to do why didn't anyone truly question them or say hey we are on your side inside of this hotel they were in.

Other than those things it was an overall good book. One that I highly recommend if you like zombies, adventure, action, romance, family and a good dang plot!