Review: Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1)

Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris I jumped on the bandwagon of falling in love with the characters on the show True Blood. I have been dying to read the books but never was able to find them in my library and I read other reviews and it was all a mixture of ups and downs. Finally was able to borrow the book from overdrive and was excited to see all the craze behind it. Was it going to be like the show? Was it going to be better? Well for me it wasn't truly amazing like I thought. Some of the characters that I liked are not playing a huge part in the book like I assumed they would, though that is okay. We have Bill and Sookie right? Well Bill didn't come across as the gentleman I thought him to be in the show he seems more on edge within this story. I think if maybe I would have read the books first before starting the show I would have a total outlook on everything. In Dead Until Dark we are introduced to Sookie and her world and life. This story is through Sookie's eyes and not the other characters, not sure if the other books are that way or not. She isn't scared of the vampire Bill that comes to Bon Temps though everyone isn't too friendly on vampires in general. We learn that Sookie likes Bill because she can't hear him and that is amazing for her. Though we don't know why Sookie has this powers it is a gift that is both a blessing and a curse for her. When girls start dying could Sookie be next on the list? Will she use her gift to find the culprit? Can her boyfriend even save her? You got to read all that to find out. If you have seen the show then you know what is going to happen. Though it doesn't go down like they portrayed it. The characters were well developed, the pace steady and intriguing. I will find myself reading book two to see what else is going to happen with Sookie, Bill, Sam and Bon Temps.