ARC Review: Anumal Empire: Alpha

Anumal Empire: Alpha - Darren Jacobs, David Ayres

I received this book to give an honest review.

So it took me a minute to get back into the story of Lazerball and its characters. But once I dove in I was wondering where this book was going to go. We see more death happening within this story than in book one. It seems something is coming and it is going to take Clinton and a group anumals to stop Dallas and Nightmare. 

This story was a bit more slower than the first one as it seems we were focusing more on Clinton trying to get his powers learned, and seeing the devastation happening to the villages and cities.

I think that Clinton learns a lot about what he can do if he just steps back and listens to those who offer advice. If you haven't read book one then I highly suggest you do before you read this one only because you will be lost. 

As there was no resolve to what Dallas as planned we just have the dynamics of it all I knew there had to be a book three in the works.

I really liked how we got to know the characters through out the book from Vito to Hagen. It is not much that is known but it is enough to learn who they are and where they come from. 

This book I believe is going to lead up to the fight between good and evil, light and darkness. I just hope Clinton learns more and comes to terms with what he has to do.