Review: A Girl Close To Death

A Girl Close to Death (Miki Radicci Book 6/Tenebrous Chronicles) - M.E. Purfield

I received this book to give an honest review.
Man Miki is at it again. This girl just can not catch a break when it comes to staying out of trouble.

She has left Elite and is back to just doing what she wants. She is trying to have a relationship with Parker, but I am not sure if her lifestyle will allow it.

It also seems that Miki but have a new power within her unless it is only just because she knew this person. It isn't too clear. It seems that Miki can see ghosts. So when she follows this ghosts to wherever she leads Miki it seems that it is trouble brewing. Miki gets caught in the middle of it as her powers make her feel what others go through. Though it seems that it is all catching up to Miki, I am not sure how much more deaths she can take.

She finds herself in a bad situation but the outcome is worth it to find out what happened to someone she called a friend. We see how she beats herself up for not being there when she believes she needed to be.

The group in the book previous will play a role in this book and it is not for the better though I am not sure who they think they are messing with Miki. She is one tough chick that can handle her own when need be. Miki will help the police solve two crimes but will it help her heart from hurting?

Now lets move on to Parker I felt bad for him at first because it was like him and Miki couldn't have a night to themselves only because Miki was losing track of time. I got that because hey when you see a ghost and some other paranormal things you got to follow them. When she decided to come clean to Parker and he acted like a totally douche I was rooting for Miki for I know it broke her heart.

Now I need to read the next book because um I am a bit concerned for her grandpa. It seems that something has happened but we are left with a cliffhanger with him and it was surprising that Miki wasn't as concerned as I expected her to be.