Children's Review: Felix and Jedi

Felix and Jedi - Salvatore La Vattiata, Lou Silluzio

We received this book to give an honest review.

I read this book to K and he thought it was an okay book. Though he wondered how Jedi could talk being a pet.
Felix is a bully to his dog Jedi. He is always being mean and ugly no matter how much Jedi tries to stay out of his way. So when Felix hurts himself which I honestly believe it was his fault Jedi feels bad. Felix learns that he shouldn't have been ugly to Jedi because Jedi is a friend.
This is a great lesson to kids to learn that your actions have consequences.
The book is short we have about three to four sentences per page which all rhyme, and then the next page is the picture that goes with what you just read.
K and I both like the stories this author tells and will be looking for more books by him