Review: Cleaned By Fire

Cleansed by Fire (Father Frank Mysteries) - James R. Callan

I received this book to give an honest review.

We are introduced to Father Frank DeLuca who is a Godly man and is really involved with his Church as the pastor. During confessional Father Frank hears something disturbing about Churches burning he knows that by the Church law he can not say anything. Though that doesn't stop him from investigating who could be behind it. Father Frank makes it a mission to try and find out who is starting these fires before they continue. Though will he be too late? I really liked how even though this is a Christian book it wasn't anyway pushing beliefs down your throat. It was nice to see Father Frank as a man who just wanted to follow God but also see justice served to the person or persons behind the fires. He was also very good with the kids and wanted to see them stay away from the drug scene. Even if that meant putting himself in a sticky situation to get answers.
This was a good mystery and there wasn't a dull moment within it for me. I found Father Frank's humor to be awesome especially toward Georgia and her love life. Each of the characters in the book were well written and stood out in their own way. Even Earl in the black trans am. I was glad to get his full story towards the end.
If you are looking for a good mystery, great characters, and a steady plot then pick this book up. I know I can't wait to read the next one to see what else Father Frank has in store for us.