Review: Sink: What Lies Beneath

Sink: What Lies Beneath - Perrin Briar

I received this book to give an honest review. First let me start off with saying that these covers to Sink are AMAZING!!! They really go with the story! So I started reading the story and I remember the characters but I couldn't remember exactly how they gotten to this island. So I went back and read a bit from the previous book as I needed a refresher. I have to say this family is in for one heck of ride. They are on this island but they are far from alone. We get introduced to pirates and the British, though as we get towards the end of the book we learn a bit on why they just don't attack each other head on. I really love this world beneath us. Sink is a world like no other and it is great to see how the characters need to try to survive in a world that is not on the surface. I really like how the pirates came across especially the captain Stoneheart it seems not all is like it truly seems with him. As far as characters go the kids didn't seem as bratty as they did the first time I read about them, it seems being in a situation that is not what they are use to does wonders. Where the ending left off I know there has to be a book three in the works.