Review: Z-Minus 1

Z-Minus I (Volume 1) - Perrin Briar

What did I read? I honestly have no clue to tell you the truth. I have read other books by this author and really enjoyed his work but this book I was thrown for a loop. You have eight hours to live during the zombie apocalypse what do you? Well with MC Chris he is a big A-hole. I mean from the time he sees his daughter on the couch and dead he gets angry at her? At first while reading I kept thinking he has to be the step dad right? I mean there is no way he would be upset at his daughter for being dead? NO we learn that he is just an ugly person inside and out. Let me not get started with his youngest daughter Maisie. I can understand he may not want to be around her when he turns but to tell her "don't you have family?" I was like what? Isn't her family your family too unless you are just some random person? The way Chris acted towards his own daughter I was just upset. I didn't understand how someone could be so heartless. Another thing that disgust me was the scene with Abigail in the town they went through. The zombies are here but they don't play a huge part. By that I mean the story doesn't fully focus solely on them. Will I read book two yes I will just to see if maybe Chris can redeem himself. The story was a steady pace, and I really liked the idea of having eight hours to live I just couldn't like the characters.