Review: Z-Minus 3

Z-Minus III (Volume 3) - Perrin Briar
I received this book to give an honest review.
Contains spoilers at the end!!! 
It just keeps getting better after you read book two. Though there were some things I didn't get. Hence the 4 stars. In book three Chris is now on a mission to save his daughter and find her the cure. Remember she only has 8 hours. Though now they need to get to a boat in Brighton because where the cure was being tested at fell. They only have so many hours to make but will they?
Chris will stop at nothing to save Maisie. We see how Chris and Maisie go through hell trying to make it there but a group they encounter before is determined to have them. 
Where this book ended up going towards the end I figured okay that is it, until I read the last page. Makes me think that just maybe there has to be another book because that is a minor cliffhanger going on. 
Overall a good steady plot. This is a book that once you start you could probably finish in one sitting. 
So what I didn't understand after people are cured, 1. How did those that were badly hurt from the virus still survive? 2. What happened to Scoripo exactly?