Review: Z-Minus 4

Z-Minus IV (Volume 4) - Perrin Briar

I received this book to give an honest review.


I think this may be my favorite book out of this series. 

If you have read the other books in this series then you know that once you are infected you only have eight hours to live. Well in book four we are introduced to possibly how it all started. Or at least that is how I put it together. 

We are given new characters from a Special Forces team, we start off with different point of views from the characters, and what they are doing before they get the call to come back in. At first they think it is a game until well it no longer is. 

This author did a great job with describing how dedicated the Special Forces are and how they are willing to put their life in danger and on the line to try and save others. I can honestly say I really liked how this all went down because it felt like it could be real. Like this is how could have happened and that is pretty scary. Let us see where book five takes us now!!