Sink: Veins of Fire - Perrin Briar

I received an ARC to give an honest review. As you know in the book before the family found a passage way but they are not sure where it was going to take them, hopefully home. Well this passage way sent them into another world yet again and this world is not like it is normal. It seems everything is topsy-turvey! We go back and forth between the Admiral and Rosetta's point of view, Zoe and Bryan, and finally Cassie and Aaron's. The world they are in now is not one I believe I would want to be in. Huge birds, snakes, quicksand and lots of magma. The family finds themselves not together once again and it is up to Zoe and Bryan to get their children back. Though while on their mission they meet a town of people who are pulling things from the Earth. It seems what they are doing is messing everything up but they aren't sure how to change it. If you remember in the book before there was a character who came into play and then left just as mysterious as this person appeared. Well it seems that the person plays a role in this story as well. Though know no one seems to have much information just that he seems to mess things up. Can the towns people fix something with the idea that was implanted in their head by Bryan and Zoe? Who knows. Will Cassie and Aaron have the strength and smarts to stay alive a bit longer? It seems that they literally have no where to go in the situation they are in. It is very interesting to see where these books take us. I do wonder if the family will ever go home or will they forever be going through passages to other worlds.