Children's Review: Miss Child Has Gone Wild

Miss Child Has Gone Wild! - Jim Paillot, Dan Gutman

So I saw this book on Overdrive and decided to check it out because of the title. I figured K would get a kick out of it. Now the book seemed okay overall. Though it got a bit repetitive between A.J. going "blah,blah,blah" when an adult would talk. To when he met the new girl Alexia and she liked everything that he did. For example Alexia likes this, so do I. She likes that, so do I and so forth. Also I had an issue which is just me as a parent of the jealous that seemed to issue between two of the girls. Alexia and Andrea I mean you are in third grade and feel jealous? K thought the book was funny when they went to the school especially with the whole chapter of Brian the Lion scene came into play. I would gear this book toward maybe 10 years on and up, though I would suggest maybe parents read it first to see if the book is right for your child. We will be reading book 2 as I checked it out the same time as this one.