Review: The Polar Express

The Polar Express - Chris Van Allsburg

When I saw I could borrow this book on prime I jumped at the chance. I figured this would be a great read to read at Christmas time. I read this book to A though I didn't read it too K only because the words were small and I didn't feel like squinting my eyes yet again to try to read it. That is the only reason I am giving it a 4 star because the font is small. Overall a great Christmas book to read as it gets you ready with the Christmas Spirit. We follow a little boy who gets woken up on Christmas Eve to see Santa at the North Pole alone with other children. While there one of them gets to pick the first present of Christmas. What is picked is pretty neat. The bell symbolizes a lot in my opinion. You don't have to see to believe which I think is a great message. After reading the ebook I decided to go out and purchase the book which I will read too both of my children on Christmas Eve night after we watch the movie. This is a really great book with wonderful illustrations done.