#PBwkendread Review: Knotted Roots

Knotted Roots - Ruthi Kight
So I given this book to give an honest review.
Though I am sad to say I dropped my book in the mud by accident and I had to cry!! Now I need to get me a new copy. :( 
First let me start off with this book is free on Amazon right now. Not sure if it is perma free or not but check it out. Second I love the cover, high heels and hay bales it has to be good.
So we are introduced to Roxie who is your normal teenager, though her world goes upside down when she has to live with her Grandma. Roxie came across as a very rude and spoiled character. I mean when a guy bares his heart to you and yet you still cry and yell and run away something is wrong with you. 
I really did enjoy the whole story! I thought it was well written and the characters well developed. 
I really liked how this author did not over do the whole kissing scenes even though it would seem it could get a bit heavy it didn't. 
We see how Roxie gets to grow up and get a dose of how life is somewhere else she realizes the person she is, is not the person she wants to become so we get to see her grow later on. 
Chase oh poor Chase he has had it rough but yet Roxie's grandma has always been there for him. Which makes Grandma so sweet and kind. Chase is a stubborn guy because he kept letting Roxie hurt him with words and running away, though yet kept coming back.
Now Grandma I really like how she was hard working and so kind and giving. It broke my heart to see Roxie treat her mean though she never gave up on Roxie.
I did want more back story on why Roxie's mom never had her mom really be in her life. I felt there was a story there that just sat under the surface that needed to be opened. 
Overall a really good book.