ARC Review: The Highland Curse

The Highland Curse (The Paranormal Adventure Series Book 2) - Shelby White
I received this ARC to give an honest review.
Like I said with the first book in this series this is a good book for teens to read. Honestly I would say if you are not scared of ghost then you will like this book. There isn't anything scary at all within the story.
In the Highland Curse we see that that the four girls are learning that the first spirit they brought back into the world by accident never really left. This is in book one, so if you haven't read it yet get to it.
Their psychic friend Lady Sky has given them books to help introduce them into this world of the paranormal which is pretty neat. So when they have to get rid of Jeremy once and for all it seems that it will open a portal but what will come through? 
We ended up getting a bit of a back story with who Lady Sky is, and I found her tale to be a bit unbelievable only because of the time frame that she lived in. Though that is just me, and I understand a book is not meant to be anything real. 
Overall this is a good book to read as it is simple and straight forward with the teen friends attempting to get rid of the spirits. I am ready to already read the next book to see what other spirits are out there.