Review: Inferno Book 6

Inferno (The Gryphon Series Book 6) - Stacey Rourke

So in book five we left off with a pretty good cliffhanger. Book 6 leaves off where Caleb having to use his powers and teaming up with Terin to stop this hellhound that is on the loose. Though this is no normal hellhound. Caleb is still sexy with his Irish accent but yet has that cockiness that makes you just want to go ahhhhhhhh. Terin has a good sense of humor especially while working with Caleb. I have to say they make a good team. It seems that Caleb will become more than we all probably thought he would become and that is where we get left with a cliffhanger of wondering where is this book going to go now. Will Celeste find out what is going on? Will this hellhound ever be stopped? There is one part in here that had me laughing so hard. So Terin and Caleb were going to investigate some demonic activity. So this is where this whole scene comes into play. "I can't look." Terin cringed. "Is it one of those horse-hair worms? They take over their host and feed off them while they are alive. But the second their host dies, they crawl out of their butt. Is that what it is? Demonic butt worm?" This author still has the humor to make a book even better than it already is, I can't wait to read the next book! I need to see what will happen next.